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About CCM

This portal collects and posts information from different EU-funded research and coordination projects on Climate Change Mitigation. It supports the development of low-emission pathways for reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement, including research on low-emission technology development and diffusion, policy making and governance, as well as institutional aspects of adopting low-emission solutions.

Through the portal, published articles highlight results of the collaborating projects and contain weblinks to the main documents on which they are based.

ClimateChangeMitigation.eu was set up  by the CARISMA project, handed over to DEEDS  and is currently managed by JIN Climate and Sustainability under the LANDMARC project, which receives funding from the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.

Uploading articles to the portal is easy. Project coordinators can request log-in codes which give access to a user-friendly online text editor for preparing and posting articles. For acquiring log-in codes and further information about the portal, please contact (ccm@jin.ngo).

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