Expert and Project Database for Decarbonisation

The DEEDS (Dialogue for European Decarbonisation Strategies) ( invited European and non-European experts to be part of a scientific group that will support the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initaitive (EDPI). Experts were organised in sectors/topics that align with the High-Level Panel (HLP) sectoral division as closely as possible.

Until the end date of the deliverable 123 experts have signed up for the database which will remain open to any valuable expert who might still join for the duration of DEEDS (September 2020). The database can be accessed here.

Most experts are especially valuable in the topics/sectors of energy, macro-to-micro and integrated pathways. With most experts coming from European country, notably Italy, France, Uk and Germany. The interactive network and a graphical analysis is presented in here .

The full database is accessible on the DEEDS website: Database of projects and experts.

The interactive version of the database can be accessed via following link:

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