ClimateChangeMitigation.eu has changed hands!

As DEEDS came to a close in September 2020, the ClimateChangeMitigation.eu website is handed over to the LANDMARC project!

We are going to continue the tradition of informing our interested readers with relevant articles and news, either directly via the website or via a frequently distributed newsletter (register here!).

In order to comply with EU General Data Regulation Protection (GDPR) we would like to inform all of our current newsletter subscribers to register again via this link to keep on receiving regular updates.


LANDMARC (LAND-use based MitigAtion for Resilient Climate pathways) is an EU funded four-year project with the aim to:

  • Estimate the climate impact of land-based negative emission solutions, for example in agriculture, forestry, and other land-use sectors
  • Assess the potential for regional and global upscaling of negative emission solutions
  • Map their potential environmental, economic, and social co-benefits and trade-offs

Find out more about LANDMARC here.

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