A Research and Innovation Agenda for Zero- Emission European Cities

The Paris Agreement and SDG13 on Climate Action require a global drop in Green House Gases (GHG) emissions to stay within a “well below 2 degrees” climate change trajectory. Cities will play a key role in achieving this, being responsible for 60 to 80% of the global GHG emissions depending on the estimate. This paper describes how Research and Innovation (R&I) can play a key role in decarbonizing European cities, and the role that research and education institutions can play in that regard. The paper highlights critical R&I actions in cities based on three pillars: (1) innovative technology and integration, (2) governance innovation, and (3) social innovation. Further, the research needed to harmonize climate mitigation and adaptation in cities are investigated.

About this article

This post is based on the DEEDS deliverable D6.3. This article was authored by Francesco Fuso Nerini, KTH-dESA; Adriaan Slob, TNO; Rebecka Ericsdotter Engström, KTH-dESA; Evelina Trutnevyte, University of Geneva. The full article is available here.

This post was written by Anna Skowron, World Future Council . For more information about DEEDS please visit our website.

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